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  • Wednesday, 30th September, 2020
  • 11:40am


Reseller Hosting is a great business model that allows entrepreneurs to sell hosting services under their own brand and pricing. As most of you will likely already know, reselling is when you take someone else’s product and sell it as your own. By avoiding expensive development and running costs you can make money by reselling someone else’s products. Reseller hosting is much the same only you’re selling web hosting from a provider

·     Reseller hosting is a great opportunity for you to develop a hosting business of your own, whether you’d like to do it as a side hustle or a full-time job.

·       Our reseller package gives you everything you would need. And there’s no need to fear working in a shared hosting environment.

·       You can have multiple customers all using WordPress and no need to worry about bandwidth.

·       We’ve compiled a list of considerations you can take now to help your customers optimize their WordPress sites sufficiently so that shared resources are not a problem for anyone.

As every reseller’s aim is growth, having a long-term hosting partner with outstanding customer service, transparency, and reselling tools is key. Resellers also need to remember that growth requires scalability, not just a one-size-fits-all approach. Fortunately, InMotion Hosting meets all of these criteria, and offers highly competitive prices and other desirable features.



Reseller hosting can be a very profitable business model for people or companies that want to enter the web hosting market but cannot afford or do not want to invest in their own servers. The low startup costs involved in reseller hosting make it a popular business model for many entrepreneurs. You get to design your own hosting plans and packages so they meet the needs of your clients and brand them with your company’s name. You are in complete control of managing your customer accounts, billing your customers, and collecting payments directly from them. A reputable hosting company will offer billing software to help you invoice your clients and begin to profit from your web hosting business.


You can begin your Reseller Hosting Business by renting the server space from another provider. By utilising the backend services by the main host, you can rebrand and sell the available server space at good profit-margins. Here is how you should approach your good days.

·       Frame your business plan- Research & understand the full scope of this business. Decide whether you want to provide basic, advanced or various types of hosting services. Accordingly design the packages and pricing levels to be offered by the company.

·       Prepare for the start-up capital- Basic funds & setup will be required for the hosting services. A reliable & powerful computer system with high speed internet, dedicated phone line, Bank A/c, payment processing solutions, legal formalities for the company’s existence, etc. would form the initial part for starting the reseller business.

·       Choose what support to offer- Plan whether customer support is to be offered on phone or via e-mail or tech support personnel are to be hired.

·       Choose a backend hosting provider- Check the track record and available packages from different hosting companies; compare the storage space & bandwidth available with them and the technical support they offer.

·       Register your business- Register domain name to establish online presence of the new hosting company. Present the available hosting packages and prices on the site.

·       Market the new business- Spread the word about your new hosting venture in the market. Create contacts with local businesses, web design companies, freelancers etc. advertise in the print and digital media initially to introduce your company’s existence.

·       Administer & monitor- Keep a check on the smooth running of your business. Prevent site downtime and keep customers satisfied. Keep yourself updated and upgraded, thereby fulfilling the client’s needs.

Reseller Hosting Business is hence the least expensive & feasible way to earn a good amount of extra income. So become a Reseller & walk the profit lane.



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