Web Hosting Trends 2022

  • 10th January 2022
Everyone needs a best web hosting provider when thinking of taking business online. It is very important that the platform provided for the hosting is reliable one. Only a better infrastructure can ensure uptime and performance for your website. With innovation and technology becoming more efficient, there are various trends that webmasters ...
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Linux vs Windows Hosting

  • 23rd November 2020
In general, Linux hosting refers to shared hosting, the most popular hosting service in industry. Windows hosting, on other hand, uses Windows as the servers’ operating system and offers Windows specific technologies such as ASP, .NET, Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL server (MSSQL). Forget the idea of throwing away the Windows kernel and ...
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FREE Control Panels for Linux

  • 10th November 2020
On Linux systems, a control panel is a graphical user interface (GUI) that displays a simplified set of controls for your system. Control panels are capable of installing, configuring, and updating common software packages and performing Linux system administration tasks. Common features are: File management. There's no cPanel, but ...
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Best control panel for your VPS

  • 25th October 2020
An open source control panel allows you to administer your VPS (Virtual Private Servers) gracefully and add some individual functionality to them. So, going into server administration raises important questions about the best open source control panels you can choose from. Server control panel is a software with specialized graphical interface ...
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